“Okay, lets train a bit more.” Sam states

“Sure, I think for this grass gym you’ll need a fire type. The only wild one in this forest seems to be a Girafire.” Cassie explains

“Cool, but where would we find one in this huge forest?” Sam asks

“Well, they like to hang around tall trees to eat the leaves, so let’s just look around.” Cassie replies, then they run into a double battle with two trainers, Cassie sends out Bushoo and Sam sends out Cubbush, the opponents send out two Puplants.

“A full out grass Pokémon battle, use scratch Cubbush!” Sam states

“Bushoo, use cotton spore!” Cassie commands.

Bushoo uses cotton spore and paralyzes the puplants, Cubbush uses scratch and it hits multiple times.

“Wait, that isn’t scratch, that fury swipes.” Sam states shocked.

“Bushoo, bullet seed!” Cassie commands

“Cubbush, fury swipes!” Sam commands

Both the attacks hit and knock out the opponents Pokémon

“Yes! We did it!” Cassie says happily

“And we learned new moves.” Sam states, then Bushoo starts to glow.

“Wait is this…Evolution!” Cassie says shocked.

Bushoo grows a body and a tail in shapes of a bush, its face moves more forward and it grows legs. Bushoo has evolved into Bushuff. 

“Oh my gosh! Bushuff!” Cassie says excitedly. “We have this gym in the bag!” 

“Let’s continue, we could still find some nice stuff ahead.” Sam states

“Definitely.” Cassie replies

They keep trecking through the forest until they come across a wild Girafire.

"Who's that Pokemon?" Cassie asks

"Its a fire pokemon, great for the gym." Sam replies. "Its known as Girafire, the giraffe pokemon."

Cassie throws a Pokeball and Ghoari comes out

"When did you catch that?" Sam says suprised.

"When you were healing at the pokemon centre again." Cassie replies

"Ghoari, use Tackle." Cassie commands

Ghoari uses Tackle and the wild Girafire uses ember in return.

"Now try a Brick Break!" She commands again

The brick break knocks out the wild Girafire. 

"Now's your chance, Sam catch it." Cassie states

Sam throws a pokeball at the wild Girafire. It shakes back and forth for a couple of seconds then finally clicks. 

"That means...I gotta Girafire!" Sam says happily.

"Congrats. Even though I knocked it out." Cassie says and laughs.

"Now we have 3 pokemon each." Sam replies

"I will soon change that." Cassie says and laughs again.

Another wild Gravole is spotted by Cassie. She points towards it.

"Hey you should try and beat that Gravole with the new Girafire." Cassie says.

"I could try." Sam replies. He then throws a pokeball which summons Girafire. 

"Ember." He commands, the wild Gravole uses Shadow Ball. They two attacks collide and hit eachother. "Ember again." The ember knocks out Gravole. 

"Eh, What the heck." Sam says as he throws a pokeball on the gravole. It shakes and clicks in a instant.

"Now thats what I am talking about." Cassie states.