“So past this forest is the town?” Cassie asks

“Yeah. We need to get there and heel up.” Sam explains

“Well, we only have Pyruff and Vambat for defence here. Maybe we need some new forces.” Cassie states

“You mean, catch more Pokémon?” Sam asks

“Of course.” Cassie replies

Cassie and Sam walk around in the grass and wild Pokémon show up.

“Here we have Corrine and Gravole according to the Pokedex.” Sam states

“Well, I am catching the Corrine; you can have Gravole if you want it.” Cassie states

Cassie sends out Pyruff who uses Tackle. The wild Corrine uses water gun and hits Pyruff. Pyruff uses tackle again and knocks out the Corrine.

“Go, Pokeball!” Cassie says happily as she tosses the ball at Corrine. It bounces off its head and sucks it inside, it shakes for a couple of seconds then clicks.

“Yes!” Cassie shouts happily.

“Good job. Now my turn, go pokeball!” Sam says, the pokeball hits the wild Gravole, it shakes for a couple of seconds then the Pokémon breaks free and flees.

“Aw man.” Sam says sadly.

“Too bad Sam, we can still find another one in this forest.” Cassie states

“Well I only have 2 more pokeball’s left.” Sam replies

“I still have 3…” Cassie replies. “You can still get some neat Pokémon.”

“True. Okay let’s keep going.” Sam replies

They keep on walking through the forest until a trainer challenges them to a battle.

“Go, Karmox!” The trainer shouts.

“Use razor leaf Cubbush!” Sam shouts

“Shadow ball!” The trainer shouts, Cubbush dodges the shadow ball and uses razor leaf knocking out the opponent’s Karmox.

“What! I lost!?” The trainer says unhappily

“Sorry pal. But I had to win to train up this thing.” Sam states and Cassie walks away with him.

“Hey is that the city here?” Cassie asks

“Yeah. We’ll heal up and come back here to train.” Sam states

“My Pyruff is already at level 9. And this gym here is a grass gym I think.” Cassie says

Cassie and Sam approach Calleo city and go to the Pokémon centre.

“Welcome to the Pokémon centre! Would you like us to heel your Pokémon to full heath?” Nurse Joy asks

“Yes please.” They both reply

Nurse joy takes the Pokémon from them and heals them on the machine behind her.

“Here are you Pokémon, I restored them to full heath, and have a nice day!” Nurse joy replies as she hands the Pokémon back.

“Okay should we go back and train?” Cassie asks

“Definitely.” Sam replies