Cassie and Sam approach route 1.

“Hey, we’re in route one. Maybe we’ll find some neat Pokémon here.” Cassie says

“Perhaps.” Sam replies, Then a wild Bushoo walks past.

“Hey is that a Bushoo? I want one!” Cassie says and approaches the Bushoo. “Go, Pyruff!”

Cassie sends out Pyruff.

“Use Tackle!” Cassie commands, and then Pyruff uses tackle hitting Bushoo. The wild bushoo then uses vine whip.

“Use tackle again.” Cassie says and Pyruff tackles again making Bushoo have swirls in its eyes.

“Go, Pokeball!” Cassie says then she throws one at the wild Bushoo. It hits and Bushoo is sucked inside, it then shakes for a couple of seconds, then clicks.

“Yeah!” Cassie shouts happily then walks over to the pokeball.

“Go Bushoo!” Cassie says and summons Bushoo.

“Okay let’s do some training around here.” Cassie tells Bushoo.

“Cassie? Let’s have a battle between your Bushoo and my Cubbush.” Sam says

“Sure! That’s perfect training.” She replies, and then they both send out their Pokémon. “Bushoo, use vine whip.”

“Counter with quick attack.” Sam states.

Bushoo uses Vine Whip but the quick attack dodges the attack and hits Bushoo.

“Bushoo, try tackle.” Cassie commands

“Cubbush, use razor leaf.” Sam says

Bushoo tackles Cubbush then he uses razor leaf, which KO’s Bushoo.

“Aw man. Return Bushoo. Go Pyruff!” Cassie says. “Use ember!”

“Counter with quick attack!” Sam says.

Pyruff’s ember KO’s Cubbush and Cassie wins.

“Yay! Well done Pyruff.” Cassie says happily

“Congrats.” Sam says “We need to find a Pokémon centre to heal our Pokémon.”

“Yeah…Should we go back to Dewdrop Town?” Cassie asks.

A wild Vambat flies past Cassie and Sam.

“Hey Sam, You need another Pokémon, why not catch that Vambat?” Cassie states

“I could try, good thing I have a potion.” Sam replies and uses a potion on Cubbush.

The Vambat looks over his shoulder to Sam and Cubbush looking at him, he turns around and looks angry.

“Cubbush! Use Razor Leaf!” Sam commands

Cubbush uses Razor Leaf and the wild Vambat uses Faint Attack. The attacks both hit.

“Now try a quick attack.” Sam says and it uses quick attack, KO’ing Vambat.

“Go, Pokeball!” Sam says and he throws it at the Vambat, hitting it on the head. It rocks back and forth for a couple of seconds and then clicks. “Yeah! I caught a Vambat!”

“Congrats.” Cassie replies. “Where do we head to next?”

“Calleo City.” Sam replies as he looks into his map.

“Is that far?” She asks

“It’s north through Tripleroot Forest.” Sam states

“Let’s get a move on then shall we?” Cassie asks and they walk forward into the forest.