Cassie was a 13 year old girl just about to turn 14; she couldn’t wait until this day so she could head off on her Pokémon adventure. Cassie came from a little town in the Destiny region; Dewdrop Town.

“Happy birthday dear, time for you to wake up!” Cassie’s mother shouts from the bottom of the stairs. Cassie wakes up and stretches.

“Coming mom.” Cassie replies and gets ready. 30 minutes later and they are downstairs eating breakfast.

“Are you ready for today dear?” Cassie’s mother asks

“Yes, to get my Pokémon right?” She replies

“Of course.” Her mother replies

They finish breakfast and Cassie grabs her bag.

“Well I’ll be off then.” Cassie announces

“Bye dear. Please stop by again soon so I can see the new Pokémon you have.” Cassie’s mother replies

“Sure thing, Bye.” Cassie replies and heads out the door.

Cassie walks around in the town until she finds the professors lab.

“Ah, It’s here.” Cassie says and walks into the lab

“Welcome!” Someone shouts over to Cassie as she walks in.

“Oh you’re professor Lowden?” Cassie asks

“Only everyday of the year.” He replies. “I assume you’re here for your starter?”

“Yeah, who do I have a choice off?” Cassie asks

“We have Pyruff, Beavo and Cubbush.” He replies and points to each one of them individually.

Just then a boy runs into the lab up to professor Lowden.

“Hey, I am here for my Pokémon now.” The boy states

“And you are?” Cassie asks

“Sam.” Sam replies

“Sam, you and Cassie get the choice of these 3 starter Pokémon. Pyruff, Beavo and Cubbush. Since Cassie got here first she decides first.” He replies

“Okay.” Sam replies

“I pick…………………Pyruff.” Cassie announces

“I’ll take Cubbush then.” Sam states

“Great choices.” The professor says then hands over the Pokémon to them.

“Thanks.” Cassie replies and she starts to walk away until Sam asks her:

“Hey Cassie, Want to go on the adventure together?” Sam asks

“I suggest that you should since this region can be very dangerous.” Lowden states

“Fine, but don’t be annoying okay?” Cassie says and they both laugh.

“Bye.” Cassie replies and walks out the lab with Sam.

“Okay. Let’s head to route 1.” Sam says

“Sure.” Cassie replies and they head to route 1.